Mistress Annabella




I have decided to give submissive's a chance to Film with Me, as we explore and film  a specific obsession or delight.


I have had a High Demand of Emails,Asking to Participate in My clips.


I usually only use My permanent Slave for My scenes, As I prefer to do My Movies with Someone I know, and have had a session with Prior to filming.


When Filming I only ever use the Most  exceptional Dungeons Such as, Glasgow Dungeon Scotland or Doma Suite Den Haag, safety and Discretion is Important to Me and I like My Submissive's to feel comfortable in the surroundings they are in,this is why I work from only The BEST Dungeons.


  • Filming is usually between 2-4 Hours, Can be longer depnding on wither we have a  photographer on the day and their requirements.

  • Hoods and Masks can be provided,(If you prefer to be Masked during our filming).

  • All Participants in The video Must sign a Model Release form.

  • you Must feel comfortable around other Slaves.

Light Snaks/refreshments are provided


Submissives required for the following scenes



  • Servitude

  • Tv Makeovers

  • Ball Busting

  • Hard corporal Punishment (School Scene)

  • Wax Play

  • CBT

  • Spanking

  • Strap-on





Aftercare is important to Me so Once our BDSM scene Has came to an end, We will calm down and have a chat to discuss the previous events and our reactions, as we slowly come back in touch with reality. A copy of our Movie can be givento you  also once it has been edited.


Filming Fee: £170

Duration : 2 hours


filming fee : 250

Duration : 3 hours

Deposit: £50

Location: Glasgow or The Hague (Netherlands)